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Breast Cancer Clinical Trial

For more information or to see if you qualify, call 410-955-8804 or email

A new clinical trial for breast cancer patients will test the effects of two drugs, called 5-Azacitidine (5-AZA) and Entinostat. Preliminary results from clinical trials at Johns Hopkins in cancers other than breast cancer indicate that this combination is safe and tolerable and associated with improved outcome for certain patients. The drugs are believed to work by targeting specific changes that occur in important breast cancer genes.

Who can Join?

Eligible participants may include those with:

  • a diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer
  • hormone-resistant (HER2-negative) breast cancer
  • advanced breast cancer, or inoperable breast cancer
  • metastatic breast cancer

In addition, patients must have measurable disease that can be biopsied prior to and during the trial, and be in good health. 5-Azacitidine is given by injections and an Entinostat pill is taken orally at Johns Hopkins or a participating site eight days each month over a 10-day period. Patients with progressive disease may continue the drugs in combination with hormonal therapy, such as tamoxifen or letrozole, at the discretion of the treating physician.

Contact Us

To find out if you may be eligible, call the Clinical Trials Line at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center at 410-955-8804 or email To locate a center near you, visit trial identifier: NCT01349959

This study is funded by Stand Up 2 Cancer and the National Cancer Institute.

Johns Hopkins IRB-Approved Study #NA_00046053