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Featured Clinical Trials

The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center offers a wide variety of clinical trials to adult and pediatric patients. Highlights of several clinical trials currently seeking patients are:

A new clinical trial for breast cancer patients will test the effects of two drugs, called 5-Azacitidine (5-AZA) and Entinostat. Preliminary results from clinical trials at Johns Hopkins in cancers other than breast cancer indicate that this combination is safe and tolerable and associated with improved outcome for certain patients. The drugs are believed to work by targeting specific changes that occur in important breast cancer genes.

Epigenetic Therapy for Patients with Surgically Resected Early Stage Lung Cancer

Traditionally, patients with early stage lung cancer have been monitored with CT screenings to see if the cancer returns. Now, at Johns Hopkins, there is a new therapy that is being studied for patients after surgery. This new treatment utilizes epigenetic therapy in the treatment of early stage lung cancer.