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Medical Management

Depending on the type of sarcoma, chemotherapy (treatment with anticancer drugs) may be given to shrink the main tumor. It is called neoadjuvant chemotherapy as it is often given before the tumor is removed by surgery. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for osteosarcoma became the standard of care at the beginning of the era when surgeons began removing tumors and saving the diseased limbs. Chemotherapy given before surgery may help kill more tumor cells so that it is easier to surgically remove the remaining sarcoma.

Dr. Thornton with patient Dr. Katie Thornton with patient.

Our adult and pediatric oncologists are testing different strategies to combat aggressive tumors, including therapies that target individual cancer cells and varying dosing schedules of standard drugs. They also lead or participate in clinical trials investigating new medications or drug regimens. For more information, see our clinical trials section.


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