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Pediatric Oncology

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Camp Sunrise Campers

Camp Sunrise 2018: July 29 thru August 4

Campers often say “Camp Sunrise is the best week of the year.” That makes us smile because we believe kids should be kids — especially kids with cancer.

It's often a place where children reclaim a piece of themselves before cancer.


During the week of camp, we host Hopkins Camp Sunrise in the hospital setting for patients who are physically unable to attend the camp.

Free of Charge

More than 130 campers attend Camp Sunrise each year. Through the support of all our volunteers and donors, Camp Sunrise is 100% cost-free to each of our campers — and a welcome respite for their families

Camper Qualifications

Patients who are currently being treated or have completed treatment for oncological diagnoses or who have undergone a bone marrow transplant. Campers must be between the ages of 4-18; this includes a day camp for ages 4 and 5, a residential camp for ages 6 to 16, and a Leadership in Training Program for campers 17 and 18 years of age.

We Provide

  • 24-hour pediatric oncology medical care
  • A team of trained counselors and staff
  • Three balanced meals per day including healthy snacks and refreshments
  • Opportunities for campers to develop socialization and leadership skills
  • Small and large group activities
  • T-shirts, prizes, keepsakes, and other giveaways

Camp Activities

  • Swimming
  • Nature hikes
  • Sports and games
  • Arts & crafts
  • Archery
  • Cabin time
  • Rock wall
  • Drama/music
  • Pottery
  • Jewelry makinng
  • newsletter
  • Face Painting
  • Rest period
  • Yoga
  • Karaoke
  • Campfire sing-a-longs
  • Camp dance
  • Polar bear swim
  • Talent show
  • Dive-in movie night
  • Rope courses
  • Group games
camp activities

Activities are divided up and rotated by cabin so that every camper has a chance to participate in the different activities offered. There is also a special your day where campers create their own schedule, choosing from a number of activities such as photography, lacrosse, or scrapbooking. 

After dinner, a special evening activity takes place that involves everyone at camp. These special events include a dive in movie; a film projected next to the pool so campers can swim while viewing a movie, a fun formal dinner requiring formal dress, karaoke night, and a dance party celebration complete with a DJ on the last night of camp to conclude a very special week.

Every year the entire camp gathers to celebrate the lives of the survivors and the departed in Celebration of Life. Staff and campers decorate ornaments in honor of or in memory of their friends and have a chance to share about their favorite camp memories and the friends they've made. They plant a tree together, and children and staff place their ornaments on the newly planted tree. When campers and staff return each year, they see the special trees they have planted growing.

Leadership In Training Program

The Leadership in Training Program (LIT) is available for all 17 and 18 year olds who attend Camp, regardless if they have been a previous camper or not.  Being in the LIT Program requires you to be present for the entire week of Camp (including staff orientation on the Saturday before campers arrive) and attend at least 2 out of the 3 trainings offered during the summer. The LIT program also offers two tracks. The Counselor Track and the Logistics Track. The decision to place an LIT participant in one of the two tracks will ultimately be up to the LIT Program Directors and will take into account the LIT participant’s completed application, essay included with application, and interview conducted during first training. 

The Counselor Track
LIT participants will be exposed to the counselor role and have the opportunity their second year (if interested) to be a part of the activities staff. This track will focus on helping former campers make the transition to becoming successful counselors/staff by mentorship and guidance from the LIT Program Directors and the counselors/activity staff they will placed with during the week of camp. Throughout the week of camp, LIT participants will be evaluated multiple times by the LIT Program Directors and staff members they are placed with and will be provided a midpoint and final evaluation. At the end of the second year of training, if the LIT participant successfully passes the program, they will be asked back as a counselor by the Camp Staffing Director. A failing score will require the LIT participant to interview with the Staffing Director the following year if they choose to, and the staffing director will decide if the LIT participant will be asked back as a staff member at Camp. 

The Logistics Track
LIT participants, under the direct supervision and assistance from a LIT Program Director, will experience the essential functions and activities of camp and help Camp run smoothly throughout the week. This track will focus on completing daily tasks surrounding the logistics of Camp, assisting Activities Staff and assisting with campers in various camp activities. Within this track there will be a balance between serving in a helping role and having camper experiences. LIT participants placed in the program will not be evaluated, but will be provided feedback on their duties throughout the week of camp. At the end of their second year of training, all LIT participants in the logistics track will graduate from this program and will not be considered for staff positions in the following years. 

Annual Reunion

A year is a long time for our campers to be away from each other, so we host an annual winter reunion for the campers, siblings, and their families.