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Skip Viragh Center for Pancreas Cancer

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Request an Appointment

Patients seeking an appointment with a pancreatic cancer specialist or physicians referring a patient have one point of access to the Skip Viragh Pancreatic Cancer Center.

Our Scheduling Team Our Scheduling Team

Appointments:  410-933-PANC (7262)

Our coordinator will assist patients and physicians alike in scheduling an appointment with the appropriate specialist, if a single specialty is needed, or with our multidisciplinary clinic team when care needs to be coordinated with several specialists.

Patients from the Washington, D.C. area can be seen for a surgical consult or follow up appointment at the Suburban Outpatient Medical Center, 6420 Rockledge Drive, Suite 2200, Bethesda, MD. For an appointment in our Bethesda surgical clinic, please call 301-315-2888.

Please be prepared with the following information to schedule an appointment with our specialists:

  • Diagnostic biopsies:
    • Name of the institution where the tissue sample was tested
    • Institution’s phone and fax number
    • First and last name of doctor that performed biopsy, their contact information and specialty
  • Surgical interventions performed:
    • Date, name and phone number of institution where surgical intervention was performed
    • First and last name of physician, contact information and specialty of the provider that performed surgical intervention.
  • X-Rays, CT Scans, Nuclear Medicine, and MRIs
    • Institution(s) where the testing was performed and what was done
  • Radiation Treatment
    • Approximate beginning and end date of treatment
    • How much was given
    • Name and contact information for the provider that gave treatment
  • Chemotherapy Treatment
    • Names of the drugs given
    • Name and contact information for the provider that gave treatment and the approximate date