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Breast Surgical Oncology

Choose a Surgeon who Specializes in Breast Care

Expertise is critical when it comes to breast cancer care. While there are many doctors who perform breast cancer surgery, most do not specialize in breast cancer.

At the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, we work with surgical oncologists at the Johns Hopkins Breast Center, who are specialists in breast cancer surgery. Our experts have completed surgical oncology fellowships as part of their training and they operate on more than 800 breast cancer patients a year, which is important to know when you’re comparing doctors and treatment options. Research shows that patients of breast surgeons who do a high volume of breast cancer surgeries have a higher rate of survival than patients of lower-volume breast surgeons.

David Euhus Watch Dr. David Euhus discuss breast cancer surgery.

Improving Recovery

As leaders in their field, our breast surgeons are experienced in the latest surgical techniques and tissue-conserving procedures proven to greatly reduce pain and complications. They are also experienced in oncoplastic surgery, a novel approach to breast cancer surgery that combines plastic surgery techniques with lumpectomy which spares many women from mastectomy. As part of a multidisciplinary team, they work closely with our plastic and reconstructive surgeons who are at the forefront of reconstruction and silhouette restoration, for improved body image and self-esteem.

Meet our breast surgical oncologists