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Breast Cancer Program

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Meet Our Team

Specialized Team Approach with Individualized Care

breast cancer team

The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center is a world leader in translational medicine - the ability to quickly integrate clinical discoveries to improve the lives of cancer patients. Patients with a diagnosis of breast cancer, seeking treatment or a second opinion have access to a team of breast specialists at the Breast Cancer Program. Our specialists review their medical history, pathology, radiology and other test results, and provide an individualized treatment recommendation and plan. Such coordination of innovative cancer care and research is what sets Johns Hopkins apart as a leader in breast care.

Meet Our Expert Team

Led by Vered Stearns, M.D., our team of nationally-recognized specialists is helping set the standard of care for breast cancer therapies. These physician-scientists are studying new ways to treat breast cancer, including treatment that is tailored to the unique makeup of each individual patient. They are also developing innovative clinical trials, focusing on prevention, personalized treatments and transitions to help survivorship.

Members of our expert clinical teams at the Breast Cancer Program are world-class researchers who extend our knowledge of the causes and treatments of cancer. They are national leaders in their field as well as your biggest advocate.

Your care team provides you with personalized treatment options that respect your physical and emotional needs for the best possible outcome. They are a dedicated, supportive care team that works together to guide and empower you every step of the way.

Your care team may include: