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Pediatric Oncology

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Why I Choose Pediatric Oncology

Our team of pediatric oncologists at Johns Hopkins are dedicated researchers and clinicians that are leaders in translational medicine, turning laboratory breakthroughs into new treatments and on the forefront of developing targeted therapies, the next generation of cancer treatment. Our scientists deciphered the genetic code of medulloblastoma, one of the most common types of pediatric brain cancer. A Johns Hopkins researcher cloned the FLT3 gene, responsible for many treatment-resistant leukemias, and identified new drugs to block its effect. These kind of advances - based on decades of research - are what set Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology apart and bring real hope to our patients and families. It also takes a special person to be able to care for our patients and dedicated focus on research to improve treatment and outcomes. Our experts at Johns Hopkins share below why they choose to become a pediatric oncologist. Read more about each experts story: