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Pediatric Oncology

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A Message from the Director of Pediatric Oncology

We are, first and foremost, dedicated to our patients and families. We honor the children and their families who have been touched by cancer by committing all our efforts to curing pediatric cancer through scientific discovery, compassionate care, commitment, collaboration, and tenacity.

Before the age of 20, one in every 330 Americans develop cancer and every school day, 46 young people are diagnosed. They place their lives into our hands, hoping to become a survivor. It is an awesome responsibility, and one our faculty and staff does not take lightly.

Our vision is not only to cure and ultimately prevent cancer in children, but to protect the quality of life of children saved. Today, because of collaborative research, 78% of childhood cancer patients overall will survive. Yet, there is still more work to be done to improve the cure rates for all pediatric cancer types and to pioneer new treatments with fewer long-term side effects.

Help us reach our goal of curing childhood cancer by pledging a gift for research. Your donation matters. Below is a brief list of how your gift will be used.

$50 will fund one hour of research
$400 will fund one day of research
$2000 will fund one week of research
$8000 will fund an entire month of research

With your help, we will reach the day when every child with cancer can be guaranteed a cure.


Donald Small, M.D., Ph.D.
Division Director of Pediatric Oncology at Johns Hopkins

For information on making a gift to pediatric oncology at Johns Hopkins contact:
Stephanie Davis