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Skip Viragh Center for Pancreatic Cancer

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Treatment Options for Pancreatic Cancer

pancreatic cancer researchers

Great patient care comes from the integration of cutting edge basic science research with caring and effective treatment. Here at the Kimmel Cancer Center we are fortunate to have a collaborative team of scientists, physicians, and allied health care workers dedicated to improving the lives of patients with pancreatic cancer.

Our experts offer the most advanced knowledge through promising clinical trials tailored to each patient’s care. 

To arrive at the best treatment program for each patient, all diagnoses are reviewed by a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, pathologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists.

Read more about treatment options in the health library:

We recognize that helping patients manage cancer-related pain is one of the most important aspects of their care. The best management for pain combines aggressive therapy with continual assessments to ensure that patients can maintain their quality of life.

Our Harry J. Duffey Family Pain and Palliative Care Program features a team of pharmacists, social workers, nurses and palliative care physicians working to increase your comfort. These are nationally-known pain experts utilizing their knowledge of the most advanced techniques in alleviating pain.