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Research has shown that maintaining a healthy diet during treatment will help you to feel better,  will allow your body to heal, and may actually help chemotherapy to work.

We recommend a balanced diet including the following:

  • Rich in fruits and vegetables
  • Lean protein
  • Fiber
  • Low in fat and sugar

Our comprehensive Integrative Medicine practice led by a Johns Hopkins gastroenterologist, which can provide many services  are research-proven to decrease side effects, including:

  • Consultation for digestive issues related to cancer treatments
  • Nutrition consultations
  • Therapeutic oncology massage and bodywork
  • Integrative psychotherapy
  • Chinese medicine, including acupuncture

A diet high in fat and calories can increase circulating estrogen and can contribute to the weight gain often seen with chemotherapy and endocrine therapy. A low-fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables can contribute to a healthier weight and may even reduce the risk of recurrence.

Supplements or herbal therapies, particularly anti-oxidants, are discouraged during some treatments because they can interfere with the way cells respond. If you have questions about any diet supplements, be sure to discuss them with your doctor or nurse practitioner.

Our nurse navigator can help you set up an appointment for Integrative Medicine.