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Women's Wellness & Healthy Aging


The Johns Hopkins Women's Wellness and Healthy Aging Program is dedicated to delivering care that insures women's health needs are addressed before, during and beyond menopause. The Program focuses on personalized treatment of the whole woman with an understanding of medical conditions and healthy aging practices in her post reproductive years.

The Women’s Wellness Program prioritizes women’s health and wellness through menopause and into her post-reproductive years.

The program delivers:

  • Efficient & effective patient-centered care
  • Educated trainees and health care providers
  • Interdisciplinary research opportunities



Patient Support & Services

The Women's Wellness & Healthy Aging Program provides expert assistance with the psychological, social, emotional and practical needs of women as they age, including self-care, prevention and healthy aging. Our experts can provide strategies to reduce the risk of recurrence and help mitigate conditions in the future.

Dr. Shen and Dr. Stearns
Meet Our Team

Meet Dr. Wen Shen and Dr. Vered Stearns

The Co-Directors of the Women’s Wellness and Healthy Aging Program, Dr. Wen Shen and Dr. Vered Stearns, with dedicated specialists from several departments strive to educate, treat, and advocate for women with multiple needs related to the transition to menopause and women who are young breast cancer survivors experiencing symptoms of menopause.


Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Smart lifestyle decisions, like exercising more and drinking less alcohol, can help you stay healthy well into old age. The Johns Hopkins Women’s Wellness and Healthy Aging Program can help you make the decisions that are right for you.

Cancer Matters with Bill Nelson - Women's Wellness & Healthy Aging Program

Dr. Bill Nelson speaks with Dr. Vered Stearns, Dr. Wen Shen and patient advocate Kate Pisano about the Johns Hopkins Women's Wellness & Healthy Aging Program that helps guide women through their treatment, recovery, and care continuum. For more information about the program, email

Clara's Story

Clara in front of a lake and mountains

“I’m glad these doctors recognize what I’ve been through. I know they’ll take my symptoms seriously and be proactive.”


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