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Patient Response to Immunotherapy Using Spliceosome Mutational Markers

A Remote-Directed “Virtual” Clinical Trial in Metastatic Solid Tumors to Determine Feasibility of Evaluating Patient Response to Immunotherapy using Spliceosome Mutational Markers (PRISMM)

  • About PRISMM

    PRISMM is a novel trial offered through Johns Hopkins, designed for patients with advanced cancers whose tumors have been sequenced and carry a specific rare mutation (SF3B1, U2AF1 and SRSF2). Learn more.

  • For Physicians

    Help transform how cancer research works. Collaborate with us in this novel trial. Learn more.

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    Fill out our secure online form and enroll in PRISMM today.


Let’s Help Each Other

Patient Response to Immunotherapy using Spliceosome Mutational Markers or PRISMM is a Johns Hopkins trial for patients with advanced cancers (i.e. metastatic or stage IV) whose tumors have been sequenced and have a spliceosome mutation (SF3B1, U2AF1 or SRSF2 ). Your participation may help you – while you help us study and treat cancers with rare mutations. This trial is registered at (NCT04447651).

You volunteer. You send us your sequencing report, and permission to look at your records.

We review your report. We’re looking for a rare mutation, so it’s unlikely your tumor has it. If it does, we’ll proceed. If not, you’ll join our community and we’ll keep you posted about new advances.

We talk to your doctor. We’ll learn more about your history, and send tubes for a blood sample.

Our experts review your case. We think this mutation may respond to immune therapy, so our Hopkins tumor board may recommend this.

You and your doctor talk it over. If you proceed with our advice, our report may help you get insurance coverage.

Your doctor stays in touch. You don’t need to do anything else — your oncologist will let us know how you’re doing.

Your data may help other cancer patients. If you choose “Donate my data” in our consent form, the genetic information from your tumor may be used to learn more about cancer genetics.


About Us

PRISMM is a research project of the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Program in the Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. The principal investigator will be Dr. Cesar Santa-Maria. The IRB number is IRB00186535. For more information about the study, feel free to contact us.

J1940 IRB00186535 PI: Cesar Santa-Maria, MD, MSCI
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