Turning research into results

Translational Research Core

Dr. Elizabeth Jaffee in a laboratoryElizabeth Jaffee, M.D., oversees the Translational Research Core at the Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.

Accelerating Clinical Development

The Translational Research Core serves immunotherapy research teams by helping to move concepts developed in the lab into clinical trial and through the stages of clinical development more efficiently.

This highly specialized, patient-oriented service streamlines the clinical trial process for patients while providing administrative support that allows faculty and clinical researchers to concentrate on their studies and patients.

Most clinical trials managed through the Translational Research Core are investigator-initiated studies that depend on NIH funding and small-group funding such as Stand Up to Cancer grants.

The Core provides the necessary resources to accelerate promising research through the clinical development process so it can make a clinical impact in the near term.

Our Dedicated, Multi-Specialty Team

Core director Elizabeth Jaffee, M.D., oversees a 60-person team that includes:

  • Data managers and coordinators – Manage the administrative components of each clinical trial
  • Ph.D. students – Assist faculty and FDA to help write protocol, and oversee data collection and analysis at a higher level. These graduate students are part of Dr. Topalian’s specialty track for immunology Ph.D. candidates who prefer clinical development over laboratory research
  • Biostatisticians – Conduct data analysis
  • Biopsy service – Coordinate the collection and management of biopsies before and during treatment
  • Nurse coordinator – Work with patients and providers to find open clinical trials and register