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Regional Care Team

JHHC has developed a regionalized population health management strategy that includes the use of high performing Regional Care Teams (RCTs). Each RCT was formed using representatives from Provider Relations, Case Management, Population Health, Utilization Management, Community Health Advocates, Medical Directors, and Community Health Workers. These team members will collaborate to streamline communication to providers and focus on member care, in their respective region.

Benefits of the Regional Care Team

  • Alignment with providers and facilities to strengthen relationships and to streamline communication
  • Efficient use of JHHC resources to improve provider engagement and member care
  • Identification of key patient care metrics to provide actionable information to providers
  • Increase provider satisfaction
  • Increase member satisfaction, provide coordinated access to care, and improve member experience

Regional Care Team Territory Grid

Care Management County Map

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Regional Care Team?

A Regional Care Team is a cross-functional team of employees working together within an identified region of Maryland, and is focused on member and provider engagement. Each Regional Care Team will include employees from Provider Relations, Care Management, Utilization Management, Community Health Advocates, and the Medical Directors.

Which lines of business will have Regional Care Teams?

The Regional Care Teams will be working with members from all lines of business: Johns Hopkins Advantage MD, Johns Hopkins EHP, Priority Partners MCO, and US Family Health Plan.