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JHHC Partners with the U.S. Army Reserve P3 Initiative

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As administrator of the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan (USFHP), Johns Hopkins HealthCare (JHHC) is proud to announce its participation as a partner in the U.S. Army Reserve P3 Initiative. The public-private partnership (P3) further advances JHHC’s commitment in support of soldiers and families served by the initiative as a civilian employer. The U.S. Army Reserve Private Public Partnership Office formalized the partnership in November by proclamation, affirming JHHC will assist the military community as a trusted partner in overcoming barriers to obtain meaningful employment or education opportunities to support mission readiness goals, enhance their financial stability and create connections with the community.

The goal of the P3 Initiative is to build a nationwide network of corporate, profit/nonprofit and employee partners that provides Army Reserve soldiers, veterans and spouses employment and training opportunities that allow them to apply their expertise in both their military and civilian careers. Once established, these relationships and opportunities will enhance soldier readiness and add new capabilities to the U.S. Army Reserve in defense of our Nation.

JHHC and Johns Hopkins USFHP are proud of their commitment to our military communities and honored to be a partner with the U.S. Army Reserve. Thanks to all on the USFHP team whose dedication to our mission and military community made this partnership possible.

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