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JHHC Masterclass: Confidence

Tawanda LindoTawanda Lindo, JHHC's Director of Operations Support and Payment IntegritySuzanne ElliottSuzanne Elliot, JHHC’s Director of Customer Service

Jan. 28, 2021

Johns Hopkins HealthCare (JHHC)’s Masterclass Affinity Group consists of employees who have banded together to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills, and inspiration between colleagues through monthly virtual panels. In addition to their regular job responsibilities within JHHC, Masterclass members coordinate with in-house subject matter experts to offer educational presentations and conversations focused on a topic of interest. In addition to the shared expertise, these virtual sessions benefit JHHC by enabling the organization to stay connected through the pandemic.

The first Masterclass session, Leadership, was held Sept. 3 2020. Since then the Masterclass Affinity Group has arranged presentations on Emotional Intelligence, Project Management, Optimizing Home Health, and – most recently on Jan. 28 2021 – Confidence.

Panelists for the Confidence presentation included Tawanda Lindo, JHHC’s Director of Operations Support and Payment Integrity, Suzanne Elliot, JHHC’s Director of Customer Service, and Dione Powell, Johns Hopkins Medicine’s Senior Director of Human Resources & Labor Relations. Some of their tips:

  • Life will chronically throw first times at you. Give yourself the grace and the space to learn from mistakes. Even if an attempt didn’t go well, step back and say, “The good part is that I tried. I put myself out there, so I succeeded on some level. Now, how do I get better?”
  • When you are passionate and know what you’re talking about, don’t be afraid to speak up. Don’t let other people’s titles take your voice.
  • In meetings, if you don’t understand something, ask for explanations. Others likely don’t understand either and will be grateful to you. Make sure you understand well enough to contribute with confidence.
  • When presenting, if someone asks a question, don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know the answer” or, if you misspeak, “I take that back.” Confidence does not demand perfection.
  • For women especially, make sure your voice is heard in every meeting, even if it’s to ask a question. Keep your head up and shoulders back and sit at the head of the table. Own your physical space and presence.

We are grateful for the engagement of our Masterclass Affinity Group, the panelists, and the attendees. When employees are dedicated to improving themselves and sharing their expertise and insights with their colleagues, this uplifts the whole organization. Masterclass sessions are just one way JHHC demonstrates commitment to collaboration, development, and growth.

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