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Basic Science

Biomechanics Laboratory

Biomechanics Laboratory

The International Center for Orthopaedic Advancement’s surgeons and students are involved in many exciting research projects. Much of the research focuses on geriatric fracture care and the affects of osteoporosis on bone health and fractures. There also are ongoing research projects testing orthopedic implants, fracture fixation devises and biomaterials. The lab is available for both basic science investivations and for testing of commercial devices. Traditional academic investigations are conducted by faculty, residents, fellows and students under grants from various foundations. We also conduct fee-for-service testing on commercial devices. A sample of recent investigations can be obtained from the scientific literature.

The lab is fully equipped with:

  • MTS 858 biaxial testing machine
  • MTS knee simulator
  • Smart capture kinematic analysis system
  • DEXA
  • Mobile C-arm (fluoroscopy)
  • Load cells
  • Work shop for repair and fixture modification
  • 2 Vishay signal conditioners
  • Pressure sensors
  • Thermocouples
  • Temperature bath
  • Adjacent skills lab for tissue preparation.