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1. Diabetic Subjects Needed For a Noninvasive MRI Scan Before and After a 3-Week Course of a Common Cholesterol-Lowering Medicine

We are seeking diabetic subjects to participate in a study designed to improve the way problems with blood vessels are evaluated and treated.

There are three visits in four weeks. An FDA-approved cholesterol tablet will be taken daily for three weeks with blood samples and MRI scans of the arm and leg before and after taking the medicine.

To qualify for the study, you must:

  • Have adult diabetes
  • Be between 40 and 90 years of age
  • Not currently smoke
  • Not currently take a cholesterol medicine

Other exclusions may apply. Compensation is provided. To see if you qualify, call 410-550-HART or 410-550-4328.

PI: Harry A. Silber, M.D., Ph.D.

2. Do You Have Diabetic Neuropathy?

If you are 18-65 years old and a Type 1 or 2 diabetic suffering from moderate to severe burning, shocking, piercing or throbbing pain in your feet, you may qualify for a research study to evaluate the effectiveness of an investigational drug for painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

All office visits, medical evaluations and study drugs related to the study will be provided at no cost to participants.

Participants will be compensated for time and travel.

For more information, contact Nate Sweeney at 443-287-0589.

PI: Michaels Polydefkis

3. Improving Diabetes through Lifestyle and Surgery Study (IDeaLS)

The purpose of this study is to compare the effects of losing weight through:

  1. Lifestyle changes (diet and exercise);
  2. Surgery with gastric banding; or
  3. Gastric bypass surgery, on improving diabetes.

This study is designed for patients who have mild to moderate obesity (BMI 30‐40 kg/m2) and have Type 2 Diabetes. Patients must have Employee Health Plan (EHP) insurance to take part in the study. Patients will have an equal chance of being randomized to one of the three treatment arms and will undergo detailed testing of their diabetes and other medical conditions. A total of 45 patients will be enrolled in the study protocol.

Find out more today by calling the IDeaLS study coordinator at 410-550-4472.


4. Do You Have Type 2 Diabetes? Do You Have EHP (Employer Health Programs) Insurance? Do You Want to Lose Weight and Improve Your Diabetes?

What is the purpose of the IDeaLS Study?

  • To see how weight loss affects diabetes.

Who is eligible?

  • Men and women 21-64 years of age with BMI 30-40 kg/m2 and EHP insurance.

What does the IDeaLS Study involve?

  • Screening visits in the clinic to determine if you are eligible.
  • If you are enrolled in the study, you would get one of the following weight loss interventions:
  • Medical Weight Loss (diet, exercise and counseling)
  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass or
  • Adjustable Gastric Banding
  • Each participant is randomly assigned to one of these interventions.
  • You cannot choose which intervention you get.
  • In the study, you would get detailed testing for diabetes and metabolism.

Participants will be compensated from $100-300. The costs of surgery or medical weight loss are covered by the study or by your EHP insurance.

For more information, please call 410-550-4472.