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About the Labyrinth

Labyrinth Fountain

Using the Labyrinth

The spiral course of the labyrinth leads into the center and back out again, and can be seen as a reminder of one’s journey through the winding path of life.

Entering the labyrinth and moving to the center can be seen as a letting go or releasing daily stress. The center is a place to pause, reflect and receive insight. Moving out is a time for action and renewal.

The labyrinth is a place to open the mind, listen to the heart and heal the spirit. Families may visit the garden while waiting for loved ones to come out of surgery. Community members may walk the labyrinth as a nice break from everyday life. Employees may come to the labyrinth during lunchtime to enjoy a few moments of peace or relief from stress.

No matter what the need, all are welcome to visit this special place time and time again.

Note: The labyrinth’s paths were created so that people can move along the path on foot or in a wheelchair.

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