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Cervical Diseases & Colposcopy

The Cervical Disease and Colposcopy clinic at Johns Hopkins Bayview offers experts who specialize in the evaluation and treatment of women who have had abnormal pap smears.

When a clinician receives an abnormal pap smear report on a patient, the patient often is referred to the colposcopy clinic. During the patient's first clinic visit, the specialist will review the abnormal pap smear report with the patient, discuss the report's significance and perform a colposcopy (a procedure used to magnify any abnormal areas of the cervix that may be pre-cancerous or cancerous, allowing directed biopsies of the suspicious area). Following the initial evaluation session, the patient returns for another appointment to discuss the biopsy results, what treatment options are available and what type of follow-up is recommended.

The colposcopy clinic is fully-equipped for various treatments and therapies, including cryotherapy (freezing abnormal cervical cells) and LLETZ procedures (removing abnormal tissue via a fine, wire loop with a high-frequency current).

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