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Angiography / Interventional Radiology


Our angiography suite utilizes the most up-to-date technology with the digital angio unit. This allows for less contrast and minimum radiation exposure to the patient and gives the best imaging possible.

Angiography or angio/ interventional radiology procedures take place in the department of imaging at Johns Hopkins Bayview using our angiographic suites. There is no risk from anesthesia and hospital stays are shorter than in the past.

Procedures performed at Medical Center include invasive and non-invasive studies such as:

  • Angioplasty: dialation of vascular narrowing or bypassing obstructed vessels
  • Stenting: to keep blocked vessels open
  • Percutaneous Drainage: fluid removal and obstruction bypasses
  • Percutaneous Biopsy: surgery-free method of removing tissue specimens
  • Intravascular Therapy: clot irradication drugs, chemotherapy
  • Diagnostic Studies: angiography, mylograms
  • Neuroradiology Studies: carotid stenting, coiling intracranial aneurysms, gluing of AVMs
  • Neurosurgery Service: pipeline stents and coiling

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Angiography Faculty & Staff

Gerald Walters, PAGerald Walters, PA

Sherry Thorpe, RN

Interventional Radiology Manager

Lisa Pelletier

Interventional Radiology Lead Technician

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