Patient Stories

Our patient care draws on all of Johns Hopkins Medicine's research and expertise. Learn how our comprehensive treatment changed these people's lives.

Depression and Suicide | Dan and Libby's Story

Libby struggled with depression her whole life. Her father tells her story.

Read more of Dan and Libby's story.

Learn more about psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Bayview.

Beating Opioid Addiction | Joy's Story

For over 30 years, Joy battled addiction. Now with four years in recovery, she tells her story.

Read more of Joy's story.

Learn more about addiction treatment at Johns Hopkins Bayview.

Organ Donor Appreciation at Johns Hopkins Bayview

Organ and tissue donation saves lives. Learn how organ donors are celebrated at Johns Hopkins Bayview.

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery: What to Expect from a Patient's Perspective

Learn from a successful patient about what to expect and what you will need to do after bariatric weight loss surgery.

MaryJo's Story

How a leukemia survivor found treatment that met her needs as a woman.

Read more about MaryJo's treatment.

Learn more about the Women's Cardiovascular Health Center.

Tom's Story

After over a decade of heartburn and acid reflux turned into esophageal cancer, effective treatment offered relief.

Read more about Tom's treatment.

Learn more about cancer care at Johns Hopkins Bayview.

John's Story

John explains how immunotherapy changed his life and the promise it holds for cancer treatment.

Learn more about cancer care at Johns Hopkins Bayview.

Tabatha's Story

After a stroke, quick coordinated care got this young mother back to her family.

Read more about Tabatha's experience and how to identify a stroke.

Learn more about stroke care at Johns Hopkins Bayview.

Stephanie's Story

A 20-year-old battles gastric cancer, the second-leading cause of cancer death.

Read more about Stephanie's recovery from gastric cancer.

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