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North Pavilion Opens at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center With New Adult and Pediatric Emergency Departments

Brings Pediatric Emergency Services to Johns Hopkins Bayview

Emergency department beds

The North Pavilion at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center opened on March 25, 2015. It is home to a new adult emergency department (includes trauma bay and extension of the previous emergency department), an adult observation unit (patients waiting for bed placement, or here for a short stay), the Pediatric Center at Johns Hopkins Bayview (pediatric emergency department and pediatric inpatient unit) and nine ambulance bays.

The North Pavilion is approximately 54,000 gross square feet and cost $40.1 million. The final renovations will be completed in winter 2016, at which time the adult emergency department will occupy both the North Pavilion and previous emergency department (ED) spaces.

Currently there are 41 total ED beds. When the renovations of the existing ED are complete in 2016, there will be 68 beds. When complete, there will be: 

  • 13 new observation spaces on the observation floor
  • 37 adult ED beds
  • 12 psychiatric evaluation service spaces
  • 6 pediatric ED spaces including triage

“The design and features of the North Pavilion were crafted with the patient in mind,” says Robert Marshall, administrator of emergency services. “The improvements bring more comfort and convenience to patients, and also will streamline their visits to expedite care.”

Explains Marshall, one of the unique ways to streamline care is through a process called segmentation. Segmentation is a new approach to patient care that will be implemented fully in the ED once completed. Patient segmentation matches patient needs with hospital resources in a timely manner. Through this process, patients are grouped according to acuity and needs. This process is designed to improve operational efficiency by reducing variability between patients in any given area of the ED. The experience from other emergency departments around the country who have already implemented this concept suggests it reduces door-to-provider time, reduces ED length of stay, improves patient satisfaction and may increase patient safety by reducing crowding.

Another highlight for patient convenience is that the ED walk-in entrance is far separated from the ambulance entrance. In the new set-up, ambulances enter the new ED on Nathan Shock Drive. In contrast, the walk-in entrance is accessed through the Mid-Campus parking lot off of Hopkins Bayview Circle.

Within the Mid-Campus lot there is a designated loop where patients can be dropped off by their families. The drop-off loop has a carve-out in the curb, as well as a ramp. Parking is free for the first 30 minutes.

The Pediatric Center at Johns Hopkins Bayview

Pediatric emergency department room

Located in the North Pavilion, the new Pediatric Center will improve the level of comfort and care we are able to offer our youngest patients. It includes a combined emergency department (ED) and inpatient unit delivering innovative, family-centered pediatric care.

The Pediatric Center offers:

  • A family lounge dedicated to pediatric patients and their families
  • In-room registration and triage
  • Large, private rooms with close proximity to staff
  • Pediatric providers and staff dedicated to providing excellent family-centered care
  • Child life room where patients can participate in play and educational activities, helping to reduce the stress of being hospitalized
  • A commitment to open and consistent communication with community providers

These new spaces encourage patient-centered care for pediatric patients. They provide an appropriate pediatric-specific space for care delivery which includes a playroom, child life coordinator on site during weekday hours and private family consulting room. A dedicated team of clinicians specializing in pediatric care includes pediatric hospitalists (physicians), nurses, physician assistants and other team members.

“The creation of a new unit has given us the opportunity to develop new processes of care delivery. Most notable, we plan to bypass the traditional “waiting room” approach by placing new patients directly into examination rooms and bringing the services to the patient,” says Robert Dudas, M.D., director of pediatric hospital medicine. As an example of this method, patient registrars will be outfitted with portable technologies that allow them to perform the registration process at the bedside of the patient without impeding the flow of care delivery.  

This connected unit integrating pediatric space for emergency, observation and inpatient care is an emerging model that can improve quality of care, family satisfaction and efficiency. Throughput and efficiency are expected to improve with patients being cared for by staff and providers specializing in their care. 

The North Pavilion building was constructed to maximize green space and lessen environmental impact. To achieve that goal, architects and planners used the Baltimore City Green Building Standards (BCGBS) as a guide. The BCGBS are based on the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Environmental Design (LEED) rating program. The North Pavilion features:

  • Reuse of existing building infrastructure to support new construction and program space
  • Native landscape vegetation
  • Green roof
  • High-performance exterior building envelope including curtainwall glazing and metal panel
  • Energy-efficient mechanical/electrical systems and light fixtures
  • Use of materials with recycled content and/or rapidly renewable resources such as bio-tile for flooring
  • Air filtration and fresh air monitoring to ensure indoor air quality

As seen in the 2016 Biennial Report. Learn more.

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