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Diversity and Inclusion at Johns Hopkins Bayview

Diverse Employee Group

Studies have proven that understanding the complexities of diversity, inclusion and cultural competency are important in delivering high-quality patient care. Whether delivering direct patient care, supporting the people who deliver direct patient care or interacting with others who support hospital operations, our employees recognize that an important part in the Johns Hopkins Bayview mission to advance medicine involves recognizing the importance of being inclusive and respectful of the personal experiences and backgrounds of our patients. That's why diversity & inclusion is a top priority at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

Our employees and medical staff are increasingly diverse in background and experience. The diversity of personal characteristics among health team members is also increasingly reflected in the patients who come to us for care, and in the local and ever-broadening communities we serve.

"Hospitals are the most complex environments created by man. Doctors and nurses have to talk to each other and work together. We have employees and patients who come from all over the world from all sorts of backgrounds who need our care. Our goal in healthcare is to provide the safest care and best service to all, and we believe our diversity council helps us to achieve those goals."

Richard G. Bennett, M.D.
President, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Chairman, JHBMC Diversity Council

Below are highlights of some of the major ongoing initiatives at the Medical Center implemented to create an inclusive workplace and to further our goal of becoming the safest hospital with the best service, as well as to ensure that we meet the needs of our patients:

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