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Giving Through Your Will

Many donors want to create a meaningful legacy after death, perhaps to continue years of giving or to contribute a more substantial gift than is possible during a lifetime. Donors may write a specific bequest by directing a dollar amount or items such as stock, real estate or other personal property to be transferred from your estate to Johns Hopkins Bayview. Or you may direct the residual of your estate, after the other important individuals and organizations in your life have been provided for, to be transferred to the Medical Center.

You should have every individual and organization named in your will receive a certain percentage of your estate. In this way, no matter its ultimate value, no one party will receive a disproportionate amount—or be left out because the sum of specific cash amounts exceeds the value of a reduced estate.

Your bequest to Johns Hopkins Bayview will reduce the size of the taxable portion of your estate and, in turn, reduce estate taxes for your heirs. You may include your instructions within your will or by writing a simple amendment (or codicil) to an existing will.

Please contact the office of development if you plan to include Johns Hopkins Bayview programs in your estate plans.

For more information, contact the office of development at 410-550-4098.