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Charitable Trusts

A charitable lead trust transfers substantial assets to the individual(s) you choose at a reduced tax cost and directs the asset income to Johns Hopkins Bayview for a designated period of time. At the end of that time period, the assets are returned to you or the individual(s) you have chosen.

Assets that appreciate significantly and generate substantial income over the ten or twenty-year life of the trust—such as stocks, bonds or income-producing property—are the most suitable for this type of trust.

When you establish a charitable remainder trust with Johns Hopkins Bayview, you and your beneficiaries enjoy the annual income generated by the trust until your or their death. The predicted return is typically five to six percent.

Other benefits of this form of giving include the avoidance of capital gains taxes and a one-time gift tax advantage at the time of the asset transfer. Upon your or the death of your beneficiaries, the trust assets become the property of Johns Hopkins Bayview.

A charitable lead or remainder trust is a complex, irrevocable legal agreement. It is required that you be advised by an attorney. We will prepare the appropriate forms for you at no cost.

For details, contact the office of development at 410-550-4098.