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There are several ways to request consultation from the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Palliative Care team.

  • E-mail with a brief summary of you/ your child’s care and your contact information.
  • Page the on-call pager by calling 410-955-6070 and asking for the on-call pediatric palliative care pager.
  • Ask any of your child’s inpatient or outpatient doctors to consult the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Palliative Care team. We are able to provide inpatient and outpatient palliative care consultation. 
  • The bereavement program at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center is available to all family members of people we have served. To connect with our Bereavement Support Program, call 410-614-4750 or email
  • Call 410-614-4750 to learn more about pediatric palliative care at Johns Hopkins.

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