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Featured and Patient Stories

Robert Greenberg standing next to anesthesiology hospital equipment

Anesthesiologist Robert S. Greenberg: Crisis Master

In the operating room, the surgeon may be the captain of the ship, but when something goes wrong, everyone turns to the anesthesiologist.

Trey Price,14, with pediatric cardiologist and geneticist Hal Dietz in Dietz’s lab at Johns Hopkins

A Patient's Story: Like a NASA Mission

At Johns Hopkins, Dr. (Robert) Greenberg is my “preferred” anesthesiologist because with me, you really have to know how to do things just right, like how to get a breathing tube down my throat.

Dr. Ain with patient

A New Era for Regional Anesthesia

Facing yet another surgery for a hereditary bone disorder, 12-year-old Mary Kaitlyn Hadley faced, as well, the uniquely miserable side-effects of post-operative pain relief.

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