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Pediatric Lupus Multidisciplinary Clinic

The Johns Hopkins Pediatric Lupus Multidisciplinary Clinic provides a comprehensive and compassionate approach to the care of children with systemic lupus erythematosus and related disorders. Each patient is evaluated and managed by a pediatric rheumatologist. Patients may also be seen by the pediatric nephrologist or pediatric dermatologist team depending on their illness.

Each patient and family will be seen by our pediatric psychology fellows to promote adjustment and management of concerns commonly experienced by youth with rheumatologic diseases. Some of these include:

  • Pain and physical symptom management
  • Difficulty following medical regimen (such as pill swallowing)
  • Coping/adjustment to medical condition
  • Parental and sibling coping
  • Anxiety, worry and fears, including anxiety about medical procedures (such as blood draws and injections)
  • Establishing appropriate school-based accommodations
  • Developmental behaviors
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Depression, suicidal thoughts
  • Behavioral noncompliance, acting out, aggression
  • Transition to adult care

What to Expect

Consultations may involve interviews and completing questionnaires. Visits may last up to two hours, as patients are seen by multiple providers. Recommendations are tailored to each patient and family’s individual goals and needs.


We provide excellent clinical care while also conducting research to better understand childhood lupus and how to improve outcomes for this disease.


Appointments and referrals:

Psychology scheduling with Dr. Seegan and/or Dr. Chiapinni separate from lupus clinic (return patients only): Please call 410-614-2401.


As with all medical appointments, charges will be submitted through your insurance.

Our Team

Pediatric Psychology Fellows

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