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Letter From the Co-Directors

Dear friend,

 Thank you for your interest in supporting Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. As co-directors, we are two minds with one unified purpose: to ensure that our physicians, nurses and staff members provide the very best care for our patients, train the next generation of pediatricians and conduct research to prevent and cure disease. Achieving these goals on a consistent basis requires ongoing collaborative and innovative efforts, none of which would be possible without the generous support of our donors and grateful families.
Drs. Hackam and Cheng with patient ambassadors
Johns Hopkins Children's Center co-directors David Hackam and Tina Cheng with patient ambassadors Jared (back), Lucy (left), Zannah, Eli and Anderson.

We cannot do this alone. Philanthropy is essential to transform pediatric health care and drive our mission of discovery, education and expert care.With compassion for their patients and passionate desire to improve patients' quality of life, our remarkable clinicians, nurses and scientists are on the trail of even better answers. In labs and clinics they are pursuing with ingenuity new ideas to heal and protect. In classrooms throughout the hospital they are educating future pediatricians. In the community, they are implementing programs to keep children and adolescents healthy.

When you make an unrestricted donation, we use your gift where it’s needed most. Unrestricted support allows us as leaders to meet pressing needs such as:

  • Unexpected clinical needs, such as replacing old equipment, buying new equipment or the cost of innovative therapies that aren’t reimbursed by insurance companies.
  • Bridging the gap between funded and unfunded research projects, such as understand short bowel syndrome or the impact of e-cigarettes, and providing a means for faculty members to explore new, innovative ideas in the lab, clinic or community.
  • The needs of our families that aren’t reimbursed by insurance, such as social work and Child Life services 

If you choose, you can designate your gift to a specific pediatric division, fund or project. If you’d like information on current needs within the hospital and where your gift will have the most impact, please contact our Office of Development

In many cases, the least sick child in one of our intensive care units would be the most sick child in another hospital. While our impressive recognition in the U.S. News & World Report rankings reflects our expertise, it doesn’t necessarily show exactly how we touch the lives of vulnerable patients each day. Those stories are reflected in the conversations families have with our nurses, fellows, staff members and physicians.

In our new partnership leading Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, we pledge to do everything in our power to deliver the best possible care to children in need and work toward discoveries to prevent and cure disease. We share more about how we are accomplishing this in our co-directors’ message. We hope you will join us in our mission to preserve childhoods, allowing kids to do what they do best — be kids

Sincerely yours,

Tina Cheng, M.D., M.P.H.
Pediatrician-in-Chief and Co-Director
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center 

David J. Hackam, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.S. 
Pediatric Surgeon-in-Chief and Co-Director
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

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