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Gifts that Provide Income Stream

A gift that pays income provides benefits to both giver and receiver by providing donors or their designated beneficiary or beneficiaries with an income stream, significant tax savings and the satisfaction of supplying Johns Hopkins Children’s Center with vital long-term resources. 

The charitable gift annuity is among the oldest, simplest and most popular of the charitable life-income plans. In exchange for a transfer of cash, marketable securities or, in some circumstances, real estate, Johns Hopkins contractually guarantees to make specified annuity payments to the donor, another beneficiary or both. The payout rate depends on the age and number of beneficiaries. 

The charitable remainder trust is a popular plan because of the financial- and estate-planning flexibility it offers. Using this vehicle, the donor transfers property to the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center under a trust agreement that specifies how trust income and principal are to be distributed, and the trust may be created to become effective during life or at death.

More information about charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and other types of gifts that pay you back.

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