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Special Event Policies

To use the name “Johns Hopkins” in connection with any event, you must first have prior, written approval from us. Contact the Office of Development. Hopkins Children’s reserves the right to decline any third party fundraising event, and must approve all related promotional materials, including, but not limited to, advertisements, letters, flyers and media releases prior to production and distribution. 

In no promotion of or materials for the event may “Johns Hopkins” appear to endorse any product, firm, organization, individual or service.

If the official logo of the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center is used, it may not be altered or reconfigured in any manner. We (Hopkins Children’s, also known as the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center) reserve the right to withhold the use of the logo. The logo may be used only for those events and campaigns in/for which Hopkins Children’s is a beneficiary. Prior written approval required.

The event host is responsible for all event-related expenses, and may not incur any financial or other obligations on behalf of Hopkins Children’s. 

Hopkins Children’s reserves the right to participate in similar promotions and special events.

The Johns Hopkins Children's Center cannot:

  • Provide insurance or liability coverage
  • Provide gaming, raffle or a liquor license
  • Provide resources for expenses and/or sponsorship
  • Provide hospital stationery
  • Provide staff support


Hopkins Children’s (also known as The Johns Hopkins Children’s Center) is not financially or otherwise liable for the promotion and/or staging of special events.

Alcohol at such an event should be avoided unless it is believed to be important to the success of the event. Alcohol distribution should be via a “cash bar” and availability should not be promoted. Proof of age must be required and signs posted to that effect. All required permits must be obtained. Alternative means of transportation must be available to attendees and/or participants. Responsibility/liability for such events is exclusively with the host. We prohibit events in which gambling is involved.  

Special event organizers must provide insurance certificates. Hopkins Children’s cannot be held responsible in any way for casualties and/or situations that occur at your special event.

Tax Information

Hopkins Children’s is part of the Johns Hopkins Hospital which has been approved by the IRS as a charitable (qualified) organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c) (3) meaning that contributions to Hopkins Children’s qualify as charitable contributions in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code.

A 6% Maryland sales tax should be applied to all taxable items during events.

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