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Meet Our Kids 2021


Meet Hope
During an anatomy ultrasound, the physician detected something he had never seen firsthand — twin reversed arterial perfusion — so he immediately referred Hope's family to Johns Hopkins Children's Center.


Meet Jake
While roughhousing, Jake took a tumble, hitting his jaw. His jaw started to swell and by the next day it was the size of a softball, so his dentist referred him to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

Kendell with her siblings and dog

Remembering Kendall
When Kendall was 3 years old, doctors diagnosed her with Evans syndrome, a rare autoimmune disease in which the body makes antibodies that destroy red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells.


Meet Kinsley
During delivery, doctors became concerned when baby Kinsley’s heart rate dropped rapidly: The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. She was barely breathing and had only a slight pulse.


Meet Maci
After Maci’s mother noticed that  6-year-old Maci’s stomach was swelling and that her face was puffy, doctors diagnosed her with nephrotic syndrome.

Mo and his mom at the Children's Center

Remembering Mo
Mo has been celebrated across Baltimore and the entire country for his incredible ability to smile, remain optimistic and spread positivity, even when faced with cancer four times in his 14 years.


Meet Navy
When Navy's parents learned they were expecting, they couldn’t have been happier. But halfway into the pregnancy, they received shocking news: Their little bundle of joy had a heart defect.


Meet TJ
Last Memorial Day, 15-year-old TJ went longboarding with some neighborhood friends. They found a new hill, and the next thing TJ remembers is waking up in the grass across the street.

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