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Meet Our Kids 2020

Abby's story

Meet Abby
Emily delivered Abby via emergency c-section at 26 weeks and 3 days. Born with underdeveloped lungs and intestines, Abby underwent surgery in her private NICU room when she was just 27 hours old.

Ava's story

Meet Ava
6-year-old Ava lived a healthy life until she awoke one morning with extreme pain in her knee. Her pediatrician suspected a septic knee infection and said she could be at risk of septic shock.

Bridget's story

Meet Bridget
On Father’s Day, Bridget woke up with extreme stomach pain. Scans revealed a 10 cm mass, a lymphoma likely caused by the anti-rejection medicine she was on after a heart transplant at age 2.

Cole's story

Meet Cole
An average car ride turned into a life-changing experience for 14-year-old Cole. While he was asleep in the back seat, his grandfather blacked out and lost control of the car, hitting a pole.

Jaxon's story

Meet Jaxon
Jaxon’s mother, Dawn, first noticed something was wrong with him while she was looking at old photos. The 8-year-old had lost quite a bit of weight since the photos were taken.

Leo's story

Remembering Leo
On Leo’s fourth day of life, doctors found that he likely had pontocerebellar hyperplasia, an extremely rare terminal genetic disorder that impacts the development of the brain.

Liam's story

Meet Liam
Liam’s journey with cystic fibrosis started even before he was born. At 20 weeks pregnant, his mom Suzi went in for a prenatal ultrasound when doctors noticed that something was wrong.

Lucy's story

Meet Lucy
Diagnosed with cystic kidneys at birth, Lucy was on dialysis until she could have a transplant. At just 16 pounds, she was the smallest and youngest patient to receive a new kidney at the Children’s Center.

Mackenzie's story

Remembering MacKenzie
After hearing MacKenzie slur a word, her parents knew something was wrong. Scans revealed a devastating egg-sized brain tumor that returned four times.

Tyler's story

Meet Tyler
Tyler’s parents received a phone call that he had been severely burned in a bonfire incident at a friend’s house. He was airlifted to the Children’s Center where he immediately underwent surgery.

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