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Meet Our Kids 2019


Meet Daniel
At 20 weeks in utero, Daniel was diagnosed with posterior urethral valves. His local hospital performed two surgeries, but the eventual need for bladder surgery and a kidney transplant led his family to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.


Meet Destiny
After welcoming a new kitten home, 8-year-old Destiny developed a lump on her leg and was eventually diagnosed with cat scratch disease at Johns Hopkins Children's Center. The infection spread to her brain, causing epilepsy.


Meet Emme
Emme’s parents first noticed something was wrong shortly after her first birthday, when she started learning to walk: Emme never took more than a few steps at a time. An MRI revealed a large tumor on her cerebellum.


Meet Emmy
As a baby, Emmy was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies to many common foods. In addition to an anaphylactic reaction, she would experience contact reactions from touching surfaces that had food residue.


Meet L.J.
At 2 weeks old, L.J. began to have difficulty breathing. After extensive monitoring, ER visits and echocardiograms, doctors diagnosed him with a rare hematological disorder called juvenile xanthogranuloma.


Meet Micah
At 15, Micah caught a cold that changed his life. His chest hurt, and he had trouble breathing. The next thing he knew, he was on his way to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, where a chest X-ray revealed he had myocarditis.


Meet Shivaya
At age 3, doctors diagnosed Shivaya with a central giant cell granuloma that was eating away her right jawbone and causing pain. She underwent an extensive jawbone resection and reconstruction—a far from uncomplicated surgery.

Taurian and his family

Meet Taurian
On a December day, 14-year-old Taurian was at home playing a video game when he smelled smoke. When he heard the fire alarm he rushed down to the kitchen, where he was accosted by smoke and saw flames on the stove.

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