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Meet Our Kids 2018


Meet Alivia
While potty training, Alivia's parents noticed differences in the way she was going to the bathroom. After countless doctor visits over three years, Alivia’s underwent surgery far from her Chicago home.


Meet Declan
At age 5, Declan’s parents noticed he was getting frequent headaches and had stopped growing. While testing for growth hormone deficiency, an MRI revealed that Declan had a large craniopharyngioma brain tumor.

Elle and Emme

Meet Elle and Emme
Doctors gave Elle and Emme a 10 percent to 15 percent chance of survival when they were born at 25 weeks. Two days later, their parents received more bad news: both girls had bleeding in their brains.


Meet Iaan
When a rare gastrointestinal defect was discovered at Iaan's 20-week-ultrasound, doctors referred him to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center to undergo surgery at less than 24 hours old.

John Jr.

Meet John Jr.
After seven years of hospital visits and doctors’ appointments across the country, John Jr. was diagnosed with a large vascular malformation that made him reliant on a wheelchair and required surgery to correct.


Meet Kamari
Born with hypoplastic right heart syndrome, Kamari’s heart was unable to pump blood to his lungs and oxygenate his body, and he underwent his first major heart surgery at just 3 days old.


Meet Louisa
When newborn Louisa wasn’t eating, specialists discovered she had congenital ileal atresia, meaning that her large and small intestines had not formed together. She underwent her first surgery at 4 days old.


Meet Mo
Mo’s mother first noticed something was wrong when his eyes appeared white in a family photo taken when he was a baby. Now 12, Mo is on the verge of beating cancer for the third time.


Meet Zaiden
Zaiden, a foster child, was diagnosed with underdeveloped kidneys in infancy, which made finding him a permanent home more difficult. But his adoptive mother says that’s part of what made him special.

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