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Meet Our Kids 2017


Meet Kyle
At age 9, Kyle’s parents took him in for tests, suspecting a GI problem. Everything seemed fine, except that Kyle’s red blood cell count was very low. Doctors at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center admitted Kyle to the pediatric oncology unit, ultimately diagnosing him with stage 3b Hodgkin lymphoma.

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Meet Mady
Doctors at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center diagnosed Mady with cystic fibrosis at only 6 weeks old. Despite undergoing daily therapy and taking 24 pills each day, at 7 years old, Mady is learning to manage her condition while still living a normal, active life.

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Meet Sutton
At 2 months old, Sutton contracted Group B streptococcal meningitis and spent 7.5 weeks as an inpatient at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. A month later, doctors diagnosed Sutton with cerebral palsy, a complication of the brain bleeds and strokes caused by the meningitis.

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Meet Jocelyn
At 17 months old, Jocelyn contracted a virus that settled into her heart. During a heart biopsy at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Jocelyn went into cardiac arrest, and doctors placed her on life support. Jocelyn needed a heart transplant to save her life. Years later, Jocelyn once again needed a new heart.

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Meet Nick
At 4-and-a-half years old, Nick fell out of a shopping cart and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Nick’s vitals crashed three times in the ambulance, and after immediately being rushed into surgery, doctors at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center told Nick’s mom, Kathy, he likely wouldn’t make it.

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Meet James
Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at age 11, doctors referred James to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center where he has undergone multiple surgeries and critical hospitalizations. Now 15, he refuses to let the daily management of his lifelong disease interfere with his love of sports.

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