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Meet Our Kids 2016

Alex Hershfield stands by her horse

Meet Alexandra
In infancy, Alexandra “Alex” Hershfield was diagnosed with allergies to milk, eggs and tree nuts. Doctors said Alex would  never be able to eat foods containing milk, eggs or tree nuts. Read more.

Amber poses for the camera

Meet Amber
After a mosquito bite lead to a low-grade fever, Amber's pediatrician was concerned to find her spleen enlarged. An ultrasound revealed the worst: Amber had a large mass, likely cancerous, on her left kidney, pushing her spleen forward. Read more.

Anderson holds a giant hershey bar

Meet Anderson
“I’m sorry I ruined your anniversary,” are the last words Brooke and Ken Jones heard from their son, Anderson, before doctors at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center performed life-saving surgery on the 9-year-old. Read more.

Two-year-old Bridget Diveley smiles in her bedroom

Meet Bridget
Two-year-old Bridget Diveley was a perfectly healthy toddler until September 2009 when she suddenly developed dilated cardiomyopathy. Her doctors believed it was triggered by a random viral infection. Read more.

Jayla smiles on the camera

Meet Jayla
When their daughter, Jayla, was 10 months-old, her parents, LaToya and Dan, noticed unexplained weight loss. She was drinking more bottles than usual, and her diapers needed frequent changing, more than her siblings’ at that age. Concerned, LaToya took Jayla to a local emergency room. Read more.

Reese bikes down the hallway with the help of her nurses

Meet Reese
On Memorial Day weekend 2014, a fun weekend at her grandparents’ farmhouse in Virginia turned into a nightmare for Reese Burdette and her sister, Brinkley. A fire broke out. Brinkley and her grandfather escaped unharmed. Seven year-old Reese and her grandmother did not. Read more.

Sarah laying in her hospital bed

Meet Sarah
John and Carrie were concerned when they noticed their baby, Sarah, had stopped growing. In the sixtieth percentile for weight at her six-month checkup, Sarah dropped to zero percentile at her year checkup. Read more.

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