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Meet Our Kids 2015

Clayton Cowan of Fulton, Md. enjoys a day at the park.

Meet Clayton
Clayton Cowan, of Fulton, MD, was born with a rare disease called chronic granulomatous disease (CGD), which occurs only in one out of a million people. Read more

Demi sits in her hospital bed and gives a thumbs up

Meet Demi
Days after her 5th birthday, Demi began having trouble seeing, standing or walking. After hours of testing, doctors diagnosed her with a brain bleed. Read more.

Lucy smiling at the camera

Meet Lucy
Lucy was a perfectly healthy infant until the fall of 2011, when her parents noticed that the shape of her head was changing. Read more.

olivia smiles while she lays in her hospital bed

Meet Olivia
A routine visit to Olivia's pediatrician brought troubling news: a large, abnormal lump in her stomach that required additional testing. Read more.

A group image of Sadie's family

Meet Sadie
A few hours after birth, doctors diagnosed Sadie with Group B Streptoccocal septicemia, a bacterial infection of the blood. Read more.

Trip smiling at the camera

Meet Trip
In 2012, an annual Father's Day weekend camping tradition on the Eastern Shore turned into a nightmare for the Black family. Read more.

Zannah smiles at the camera

Meet Zannah
Doctors diagnosed Zannah with a ventricular septal defect (VSD), an abnormal opening between the lower two chambers of the heart, and hypoplastic right heart, an underdeveloped right side of the heart. Read more.

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