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Your Child’s Room

Your child’s room assignment is based on his or her age, admitting diagnosis and bed availability. We apologize for any inconvenience, but your child may be moved several times as his health status changes.

Calling a Nurse

For your child’s safety, a button to call a nurse is located at the bedside. A staff member will respond as quickly as possible.

Your Child’s Bed

To give physicians and nurses access to your child, the hospital bed is probably higher and narrower than his bed at home. Your child’s nurse will show you how to properly work the bed and its bedside rails, which should be raised at night or during the day when your child is resting, recovering from surgery or taking certain medications.

Mother’s Nursing Rooms

For mothers who nurse or express milk, there are mother’s nursing rooms with breast pumps. Please ask your child’s nurse about locations. 

Telephone, TTY and Television Services

Telephone and television services are available to you and your child 24 hours a day. To request telephone service, dial 47721 from your bedside phone, and follow the instructions. The daily charge for telephone service can be billed to your home telephone bill or to a personal credit card. For billing information, please call the United TeleManagement Inquiry Line at 1-800-775-8352. Television service is complimentary.

When making an in-hospital call from your child’s room or any on-campus phone, please dial only the last five numbers. For example, to reach 410-955-5000, dial 55000. For local calls in the Baltimore area, dial 9 and the 410 or 443 area code. To make long distance calls, you must use a calling card or credit card. The hospital does not accept collect calls. A duplex telephone jack is available, without charge, at the bedside for modem and computer hookup. For TTY service, see a nurse or dial 56446 for assistance.

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