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Parent and Family Journal

The hospital can be a scary and confusing place for children and their families. We know. We’ve been there. We, a group of parents whose children have been hospitalized at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, have come together with staff to create this journal. One thing guided us. What would have helped us when we stood in your shoes? It is our hope that this journal educates you, supports you and allows you to find your way so that you can best support your child. We hope this tool can give you some control over what is often an unpredictable time in your family’s life. We know you are tired, overwhelmed and stressed. We were too. But we also know that a parent’s love has no limits and that you will do whatever it takes to see your child and family through this hurdle. So dig deep. Find your voice. It matters more than you know.

The Family Advisory Council at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Download your PDF journal here:


  • Your Child’s Care Team
  • Medical Terminology 101
  • My Surroundings
  • Important Numbers
  • Managing Pain
  • Being in the Hospital 
  • Child Life...Who We Are
  • Receiving Information
  • My Feelings
  • Medication Logs 
  • Tests & Procedures
  • Daily Care
  • Discharge
  • Notes

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