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Rotation Goals and Objectives

Consultation Service

Course Director: Kwang Sik Kim, M.D.
Department/Division: Pediatrics/Infectious Diseases


Consultation service seeing a variety of ward, intensive care, oncologic, transplantation, neonatal and HIV-infected patients. The service also serves as primary attending on select inpatients, such as meningitis. Students have primary responsibility for selected patients and will accompany the faculty and fellow on daily consultation rounds as well as participating in daily “plate rounds” in the microbiologic laboratories. Students will select a topic to study and present to the division faculty in the division’s weekly conferences.


To be familiar with topics in pediatric infectious diseases through ample exposure to a variety of complex, intensive care, oncologic, transplantation, neonatal and HIV-infected patients.


  1. To comprehend principles in evidence-based practice of pediatric infectious diseases.
  2. To learn the pathogenesis, prevention and therapy of pediatric infectious diseases through selection and presentation of a topic relevant to clinical cases in the division’s weekly conferences.


The resident works with the attending and fellow in Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Consults are done in all aspects of pediatric service and are performed by the residents. They are supervised by the attending on service.

If rotations are scheduled for longer than two weeks, residents/students will be expected to present at the Peds ID conference. Please ask the attending or fellows to guide you on this and to set up a date with our administrative coordinator, Candi Polk, during your rotation.

Teaching/Learning Opportunities

  • Specialty Conferences (SC): Occur throughout the weekly schedule and cover the topics listed above as well as specific patient-based topics.
  • Attending Rounds (AR): Take place every day with assigned attendings. Formal presentations are usually done during the weekday rounds.
  • Noon Conference (NC): Occurs Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. A curriculum of topics related to general pediatrics, subspecialty issues, ethics, radiology, cost effectiveness and board questions.
  • Pediatric Case Conference (PCC): Resident-oriented and held Thursday mornings from 8–9 a.m. three times per month. Selected cases are presented, initial diagnostic considerations discussed and appropriate attending commentary is added.
  • Resident Journal Club (RJC): Held once a month. Usually two residents present an article of interest in an evidence-based fashion. A faculty moderator augments the discussions.
  • Pediatric Grand Rounds (GR): Weekly presentations designed to enhance and expand knowledge of specific pediatric topics, both of a general as well as a subspecialty nature.
  • Morbidity & Mortality Rounds (M & M): A presentation relating to adverse patient outcomes that occurs once per month. The format usually involves in-depth discussion of one such case and examines the presentation and subsequent events. Pathophysiology, pharmacology and various interventions are discussed in depth in an interactive format.
  • Continuity Care Conferences (CCC): Cover topics of general interest in general pediatrics, including infectious disease topics.

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