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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Research Curriculum


  1. Become comfortable planning and critically assessing research proposals with regard to feasibility, scientific legitimacy, and ethical concerns.
  2. Gain a practical knowledge of biostatistics in order to critically assess the medical literature and as a foundation for future research.
  3. Produce academic work (original research, curriculum development, quality improvement project etc.) to meet requirements of American Board of Pediatrics for subspecialty certification.

Year I

  1. Meet with PEM faculty and fellowship leadership to discuss faculty work and fellow’s broad research interest and identify research mentor.
  2. Begin preliminary research project
  3. Create preliminary list of Scholarly Oversight Committee (SOC) members
  4. Plan for Science of Clinical Investigation (SOCI) course work at the School of Public Health or discuss with program leadership plans for training in advanced degree
  5. Attending National PEM Fellows Conference and present research proposal

Year II

  1. Begin study enrollment/data collection.
  2. Second SOC meeting
  3. Attend National PEM Fellows Conference and present research project

Year III

  1. Complete data collection, analysis, and manuscript
  2. Third and final SOC meeting
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