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What Patients Say about Our Staff

We like to go above and beyond to make you comfortable—in fact, we consider ourselves part of the healing process. But don't take our word for it. Read what some of our patients say about our caring medical concierges:

Robin Robin

About Robin

Medical Concierge Manager

"Robin coordinated scheduling with the doctor's office, helped me with the material needed from my referring physician, advised on insurance matters and even told me what subway stop to use."

Michele, Massachusetts

Laurie Laurie

About Laurie

Sr. Medical Concierge

"Laurie, in my opinion, remains your best representative of what your hospital wants to portray to the public: professionalism, empathy, concern and caring for each and every individual that she meets on a daily basis."

 Dona, Virginia

Mark Mark

About Mark

Client Specialist

"That place is like a city, it's so big, but Mark made me feel like I was the only person there."

— Joe, New Jersey

Corinne Corinne

About Corinne

Client Specialist

"Thank you Corinne for all your help. You were so kind and wonderful -- how special of you to guide me downtown."

— Anne, Connecticut