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About Our Executive Medical Director

Johns Hopkins Medicine International's Executive Medical Director, John Ulatwoski

John Ulatowski, M.D.

Dr. Ulatowski is one of the world’s leading investigators into the regulatory mechanisms of cerebral blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain. In addition to serving as director of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine for The Johns Hopkins Hospital, he has conducted health service research on quality, safety and performance improvement at the hospital level.

Ulatowski holds a master’s in business administration and has played a major role in hospital redesign to improve both patient-centered care and cost-effectiveness. He advises Johns Hopkins Medicine International, including Johns Hopkins USA, on clinical, quality and educational issues.

His international experience includes serving as a consultant to Singapore’s ministry of health and National University Hospital as well as to Germany’s University of Mannheim to help with hospital governance and transitioning its health care system from inpatient to outpatient surgery. He has also participated in knowledge exchange across the globe, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Germany, Israel, Malaysia, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.