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Graduate Student Support

"It is telling that the Medical and Surgical Association is one of the first faces Graduate Students see at New Student Orientation. This exposure so early on in a student's career exemplifies the Association's commitment to enriching the lives of graduate students long before graduation day."   -Kathleen C. Kent, Former President, Graduate Student Association

Unlike medical students, who together follow one curriculum to earn an M.D., graduate students at the School of Medicine pursue different paths to a range of advanced degrees, from anatomy to biomedical engineering to the M.A. in art as applied to medicine.

The Johns Hopkins Graduate Student Association unites these diverse students and represents their opinions and ideals to the faculty and administration. It also manages the issues that affect graduate students’ daily lives, such as parking and health insurance, and organizes social, educational and career-oriented activities.

JHM&SA helps to support the GSA, co-sponsors social activities during Graduate Student Appreciation Week, and assists in scheduling Hopkins alumni to lecture at the GSA’s seminar series. “Having contact with alumni is very useful for graduate students,” says GSA former president Krishna Juluri, “because we can learn from their careers and experiences and benefit from networking with them.”

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