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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire a temporary employee through an agency other than Intrastaff?

Intrastaff, on behalf of the JHHS, manages the contracts with a wide variety of outside temporary staffing agencies to ensure that your staffing needs are met. Please contact us with your specific needs and we will work with you to fulfill your request, whether it is with someone from within the Intrastaff pool or from a JHHS approved external agency. The external agencies cannot source directly to you. The placement request and fulfillment must be coordinated through the Intrastaff office.

How can I get more information about external staffing agencies?

All of our partner agencies are compliant with JHHS policies and regulatory requirements. Intrastaff reviews all profiles and external agency files in the same manner as it does internal temporary staffing files as a means of ensuring compliance to our high standards.

View a full list of approved agencies: allied health positions and non-clinical positions.

To receive copies of agency contracts and rate structures, please submit an email request. Responses may take up to 2 business days.

Will a job's charge rate be the same whether the employee comes through Intrastaff or one of the approved agencies?

The answer depends on the specific job and from what agency the employee is coming. To receive rate structures and agency contracts, please submit an email request. Responses may take up to 2 business days.

Employee placement

How do I submit a request for temporary employees?

See Submit a Staffing Request. If you've worked with us before, you can either call your staffing coordinator or submit the assignment request form. We encourage first-time Intrastaff clients to contact us so we can have a one-on-one discussion to better understand your needs.

How do you ensure that employees are a good fit for the job?

We have an extensive screening and pre-employment process that includes skills testing (where applicable), certification/licensure validation, and interviews. Many of our employees come to us from one of the Health System facilities so they are already familiar with the environment. For those that do not, we try to place them in an assignment that matches their experience and skills, and that will be a good fit for both the hiring manager and the employee. This hiring process ensures that if you want to later convert the temporary employee to a permanent position, the transition is smooth and without difficulties.

Timekeeping and Payroll

What is the weekly deadline for approving employee hours?

Intrastaff pays employees weekly. Hiring managers must approve employee hours by MONDAY of each week to ensure that employees are paid on time. Deadlines are as follows:

If your area uses time clocks:

- KRONOS hours must be approved by Monday at 5:00 p.m.

- Lawson hours must be approved by Monday at 4:00 p.m.

If your area does NOT use time clocks:

- Hours must be manually submitted to by Monday at 8:30 a.m. regardless of holiday or time-off schedules.

How to I approve employee hours?

Please follow the instructions applicable to your area or type of time clock.

- Kronos time approval for temporary employees

- Workforce Management (for nursing staff).

Contacting Intrastaff and submitting feedback

How do I contact Intrastaff, and who should I call for what?

See Contact Us for our contact info and a list of our staff members and their roles.

Will I have the opportunity to submit feedback or evaluations?

We request feedback and evaluations on our employees based on the Health System standards for temporary employees. This helps keep your files and Intrastaff records compliant with regulatory standards. Clinical evaluations are customized to the particular role of the temporary employee. Non-clinical evaluations are more generic, stressing competency in their role, collaboration with team members, and adherence to service standards. You will be notified via email or phone to provide feedback.

How do I provide feedback on a temporary employee's performance?

We request feedback and evaluations at specific intervals, but you can submit positive or negative feedback any time by contacting your staffing coordinator.

How do I provide feedback on the service I've received from Intrastaff?

Please contact Beverly Reynolds, Director, Intrastaff.