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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get paid?

Intrastaff pays its employees weekly on Fridays.

What are some of the main reasons why my pay would be delayed?

1. You didn’t swipe in or out for your shift so there’s no record of your time worked.
2. You work at a non-clocking location and your supervisor did not submit your time by the deadline.

How will I get my paycheck while I’m waiting for my direct deposit to go into effect?

Your first two paychecks will be available for pick up at the front desk of the Intrastaff Office. You will need to show photo ID to the receptionist. Your direct deposit will go into effect the third pay after you submitted your form. Your pay voucher stub will automatically be mailed to you. After direct deposit goes through, you can view paystubs online by enrolling in iPay.

What if I can’t come pick up those two paychecks? How do I get my paycheck?

You can have a designee pick up your check(s) but you must call Intrastaff in advance and that individual must show photo ID. If that’s not possible, you can call the Intrastaff office receptionist and request your first two checks be mailed. Please note that if the check gets lost in the mail, there will be a $30 stop-payment fee assessed on your next check.

Who do I call after business hours if I have an emergency or need to cancel my shift?

The Intrastaff On-Call Coordinator at 410-583-2950 is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What do I do if I have a problem swiping in or out to a Lawson unit?

If you cannot swipe in or out on a Lawson unit, you can log in to the Lawson program and clock in and out manually. If the computer isn’t working, you need to notify a nurse on the unit and let them know AND inform the Intrastaff office by calling 410-583-2950.

Can I view my pay information online?

Yes, you can register for iPay by visiting our online paystubs page. All Intrastaff employees who are active and have drawn at least one paycheck are eligible to register.