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IR/DR Residents

Chief Resident

Alex Solomon

Hometown: Alexandria, VA
College: University of Virginia
Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine

Alex is originally from Northern Virginia, and he graduated from the University of Virginia. (Go, Hoos!) He spent a couple of years teaching high school in Miami as a member of Teach for America before heading back up the coast to attend the Georgetown University School of Medicine. He came to Salty Balty for a Halsted general surgery internship at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Alex is on the interventional radiology training pathway, with interests in medical education, patient outcomes and high-value care. When not at the hospital, he enjoys exploring local restaurants, breweries and the outdoors. Before COVID-19, Alex also liked to travel.

What I love about Johns Hopkins radiology:

You can tailor your experience to your own personal and professional goals. If you don’t know what your goals are, there are countless fantastic mentors to help guide you throughout and beyond training.

Alex Solomon headshot

Class of 2022

  • Huasong Tang

    Hometown: Shandong, China
    College: Villanova University
    Medical School: Temple University School of Medicine

    Huasong was born at the foot of Mount Tai and grew up in Qingdao, China. After spending a few years in Southampton, England, he immigrated farther west with his parents to start high school in the Philadelphia area. He then majored in biochemistry at Villanova University and earned his medical degree at Temple University. He is currently undergoing IR/DR training at Johns Hopkins. In his spare time, Huasong enjoys exploring the outdoors with his wife Mary and his pup Argos, taking photos of celestial objects, and playing volleyball as part of the Johns Hopkins University men’s club team.

    What do you love the most about Johns Hopkins radiology?

    The support that I have received from Hopkins is unparalleled, not just from our world-class faculty but also from our world-class administrative and clinical staff. They help me to “not throw away my shot,” and they offer levity when I hit a rough patch. I also get a daily dose of joy by working alongside some of the kindest and most talented co-residents, who have already accomplished amazing feats prior to their arrival at this residency.

    Huasong Tang
  • Sindhura Nirmalarajan

    Hometown: Sydney, Australia
    Medical School: University of New South Wales, Australia

    Sindhura is originally from Sydney, Australia and completed medical school at the University of New South Wales. After an internship at the Royal Perth Hospital in Western Australia, she returned to Sydney to undertake a Radiology residency at the Prince of Wales Hospital. Sindhura has a long-standing interest in Interventional Radiology and the precise, minimally-invasive and elegant solutions it provides patients. She moved to Baltimore to complete an IR fellowship at Johns Hopkins. The Hopkins IR department is a welcoming, close-knit and friendly team of talented individuals and leaders in the field, who provide world-class patient care and an excellent training environment.
    Sindhura Nirmalarajan

Class of 2023

  • Anirudh Arun

    Hometown: Medfield, MA
    College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Medical School: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

    While Ani calls Massachusetts his home, he spent his earlier childhood in India, England, Jamaica, Kansas and Connecticut. He attended Medfield High School before going to college down the road at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he majored in biological engineering with a minor in music (piano). He also spent two summers of study abroad in Tel Aviv and Haifa in Israel. He has been at Johns Hopkins for medical school and residency in Interventional/Diagnostic Radiology (IR/DR) and has been working on research in artificial intelligence/machine learning, math modeling and his medical device startup company. Outside of work, he enjoys flying planes from Martin State Airport over the Eastern Shore, teaching his puppy new tricks, and SIM racing!

    What is your favorite neighborhood in Baltimore and why?

    Canton is a great place to live in Baltimore. It’s a short commute to both the downtown campus and Bayview, and there are plenty of places nearby to get groceries, shop and eat! It’s a great neighborhood for dog owners, with several parks and great places to walk, especially along the harbor. Lots of friendly neighbors, some of whom may be your hospital colleagues and co-residents!

    Anirudh Arun headshot
  • Ryan England

    Hometown: New Bedford, MA
    College: United States Naval Academy
    Medical School: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

    Ryan grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He received an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering from the United States Naval Academy, where he was commissioned as an officer and went on to train as a Navy pilot. Ryan found an interest in health care through aviation medicine, and studied at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. His interests include interventional radiology research focused on vascular anomalies, outcomes studies and simulation, as well as global health radiology. He is the manager of the RAD-AID medical airship program and president of the Johns Hopkins RAD-AID chapter. Outside of work, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and son, being outdoors (running, sailing, playing tennis) and exploring Baltimore with neighbors and co-residents.

    Why did you choose the Johns Hopkins radiology program?

    The Hopkins radiology program was a perfect fit for me. Going into a combined IR and DR residency, I wanted a radiology department that was strong in both diagnostic and interventional training. The Johns Hopkins radiology department fit the bill. Additionally, I wanted to be at a top hospital, where I would be working with some of the best departments in the country, seeing and learning from the most complex patients. The Johns Hopkins Hospital fit that bill, too. Finally, I wanted to be surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the world, and both my attendings and my co-residents cease to amaze me day in and day out.

    What is your favorite neighborhood in Baltimore and why?

    My favorite neighborhood in Baltimore is definitely Canton. Having come from bustling New York City, it’s exactly what my wife and I wanted (knowing we’d be starting a family soon): a home with some space while still being close to all the action. Canton is full of row homes, with fantastic restaurants and bars scattered everywhere you go. Best of all, we’re surrounded by outdoor spaces. Just a couple blocks north and we’re in Patterson Park, where we can take a walk or run around the 2-mile loop, play tennis on the outdoor courts or take a swim in the pool. Just a couple blocks south and we’re walking along the waterfront promenade, taking in the beautiful views along the way. Just west of Canton, we’ll find ourselves in Fell’s Point walking along cobblestoned streets where restaurants, taverns with live music and shops line the harbor. And that’s just the Canton area. There’s so much more to see and do in Baltimore!
    Ryan England headshot
  • Nima Hafezi Nejad

    Hometown: Tehran, IR
    College: Tehran, University
    Medical School: Tehran University of Medical Sciences

    Nima was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. After graduating from the combined MD/MPH program at University of Tehran, he joined Johns Hopkins radiology for a research fellowship, followed by residency. His clinical and research interests include interventional radiology, population health and data science. Nima’s hobbies include trivia, computer programming, traveling and trying new foods. His wife Sara is also featured on the Molecular Imaging page!

    What is your favorite neighborhood in Baltimore and why?

    Guilford. It’s one of the greenest neighborhoods — feels like a getaway in the city.
    What do you love the most about Johns Hopkins radiology?

    The people, people, people.
    Nima Hafezi Nejad headshot

Class of 2024

  • Sean Golden

    Hometown: Madison, WI
    College: Yale University
    Medical School: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

    Sean grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. After attending Yale University, he returned home for medical school at the University of Wisconsin with his then future wife and co-resident, Edwarda. Sean planned to become a surgical oncologist before a mentor introduced him to the field of interventional radiology. He completed a surgical internship in Chicago before moving to Baltimore for IR/DR training. He enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs, exploring Baltimore, watching college sports and making craft cocktails.

    Why did you choose the Johns Hopkins radiology program?

    Hopkins offered everything I was looking for in a residency program — world class training in both diagnostic and interventional radiology, true independent call, tremendous research opportunities, great moonlighting and fun co-residents — but what really sold me on Hopkins was Baltimore. I fell in love with the city’s cobblestone streets and harbor views on the walking tour, and I realized that its low cost of living would afford me a high quality of life that other top programs couldn’t match. I knew after interview day that I’d be ranking Hopkins #1, and the program hasn’t disappointed.

    Sean Golden headshot
  • Andrew Kolarich

    Hometown: Orlando, FL
    College: University of Florida
    Medical School: University of Florida College of Medicine

    Andrew is originally from Maitland, Florida. He completed the combined bachelor’s-doctorate program at the University of Florida College of Medicine, and he is interested in interventional radiology. He met his wife, Morgan, who is a programmer and policy researcher, in high school and together they enjoy snacking and critiquing premium television shows.

    Why did you choose the Johns Hopkins radiology program?

    I ranked Hopkins #1 for several reasons at first. The combination of diagnostic and interventional radiology training is absolutely top of the line. Second, when I interviewed, the residents and attendings were super cool and had great lives outside work (including great moonlighting for the residents). Finally, my wife works in D.C., and I knew she would probably get her master’s degree during my training, so the location was perfect for us.

    What is your favorite neighborhood in Baltimore and why?

    We live in Canton, which we love. We like going to the waterfront, eating seafood (now at the socially distanced outdoor restaurants) and spending time in Patterson Park.

    Andrew Kolarich headshot
  • Roy Ruttiman

    Hometown: Laredo, TX
    College: Brown University
    Medical School: Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University

    Roy grew up in Laredo, Texas. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience, a Master of Science in biomedical engineering and his medical doctorate at Brown University in Rhode Island. He completed a surgical internship at Columbia University in New York City. Roy is interested in interventional radiology with a focus on women’s health and pain management. Outside of medicine, he enjoys Italian cuisine, shonen anime, working out and supporting Chelsea FC.

    Why did you choose the Johns Hopkins radiology program?

    Johns Hopkins radiology is one of a select few radiology programs that feature both top tier diagnostic and interventional experiences. Additionally, Hopkins offers seemingly endless opportunities in global health, medical education and clinical research.

    Roy Ruttiman headshot
  • Christopher Toote II

    Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas
    College: Messiah College
    Medical School: Duke University School of Medicine

    Chris is originally from the Bahamas, where he spent most of his early days, and he went to the U.S. for an undergraduate degree in biochemistry at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. He then worked for several years as a medical technologist at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. Later, Chris got married, had children and attended Duke University for medical school. Now he has his eyes set on interventional radiology. When he’s not staring at radiology images, he’s playing volleyball, working out, reading or listening to a book or podcast, watching something on a screen, or hanging out with his personal or church family.

    What is your favorite neighborhood in Baltimore and why?

    My favorite neighborhood, and where I currently reside, is actually outside of Baltimore City in a suburb of Baltimore County called Perry Hall. My wife and I like the flexible options that suburban living provides, particularly with three young kids. There are quite a few great suburbs to choose from if city life isn’t your cup of tea. Of course, the city is a brief commute away for work, or to shuttle the kids down for a fun day at the aquarium, science center or whatever is going on in Baltimore at the time!

    What is your quality of life like as a radiology resident at Johns Hopkins?

    Quality of life was high on the list for my family and me when choosing a program. With a wife and kids, I had to find a program that was understanding of the fact that my family is a top priority, and that demonstrated empathy and support in regards to the extra responsibilities that tag along for the ride. I would say that Hopkins has actually exceeded my expectations in that regard. This was probably most clearly seen with the flexibility they showed with the arrival of our third child while transitioning from first to second year. The standard large amounts of free time available to maintain my health, wellness and quite frankly whatever else I want during normal clinical rotations really are just icing on the cake!

    Christopher Toote II headshot
  • Natalie Yanzi Ring

    Hometown: Munich, Germany
    College: Brown University
    Medical School: Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
    Natalie is originally from Munich, Germany. She moved to the U.S. to attend college at Brown University and went to medical school at Dartmouth College. Natalie is interested in interventional radiology. Outside of work, she enjoys reading fiction, traveling and painting.

    Why did you choose the Johns Hopkins radiology program?

    The programs I sought were ones that fostered growth and autonomy, while providing an exceptional resident experience. As someone interested in interventional radiology, I also was looking to train in a place that would provide an equally strong education in both diagnostic and interventional radiology. Hopkins radiology fit these criteria perfectly. The spectrum of pathology we see is incredible, faculty are very invested in teaching and our overnight call provides ample opportunity to practice functioning as an independent radiologist early on.

    Perhaps most importantly, the co-residents, attendings and staff in our department foster a friendly and down-to-earth environment unlike any other.

    What is your favorite neighborhood in Baltimore and why?

    Mount Vernon is the main cultural and historic neighborhood in Baltimore. It’s close to the bustling night life in Fell’s Point but has a less urban feel than living in the center of the city. It’s a place where I can walk to the farmers market in the morning, go to my favorite cafe to work in the afternoon, and then grab a drink and dinner at some of the most underrated bars, restaurants and cafes in the area.

    Natalie Yanzi Ring headshot

Class of 2025

  • Moustafa Abou Areda

    Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
    College: Cornell

    Moustafa’s parents immigrated to the United States from Egypt. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and he attended Cornell University for undergraduate studies and Johns Hopkins for medical school. Moustafa is interested in pursuing a career in Interventional Radiology. For fun, he is a huge soccer fan and ardent supporter of Tottenham Hotspur. He also enjoys playing soccer and basketball, traveling and trying new foods.

    Why did you choose the Johns Hopkins radiology program?

    My decision to choose Hopkins radiology simple boils down to one thing: the people! Having gone to school here, I knew Hopkins checked all the requirements for what a great training program needs in terms of resources, case diversity and research opportunities. However, what ultimately solidified my decision to stay at Hopkins were the people and personalities I encountered in the radiology department. The faculty and residents were not just intellectual and hardworking, but humble and incredibly kind. I knew it was in this sort of an environment that I could become the best radiologist I could be. In other words, I realized that the residency here was more than just a training program, but a family!

    Moustafa Abou Areda headshot
  • David Gage

    Hometown: Springville, Utah
    College: Utah State University

    David grew up in Springville, Utah. He attended Utah State University as an undergraduate, followed by the Ohio State University College of Medicine. His clinical interests include interventional radiology and medical innovation. He enjoys reading, hiking and spending time with his wife and three kids.

    What is your quality of life as a radiology resident at Johns Hopkins?

    Quality of life is great at Hopkins. I get world class training while still having time with my wife and kids.

    How did you decide to pursue radiology?

    I decided on radiology, and IR specifically, because it combined three of my main interests: taking care of patients, working with advanced technologies (imaging modalities, etc.) and innovation. In my opinion, there is no more exciting field in medicine.
    David Gage headshot
  • David Gullotti

    Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
    College: Loyola University

    Dave grew up in Philadelphia and attended Loyola University Maryland to study physics and biology. Before medical school, he taught at his high school and worked in the engineering department at the University of Pennsylvania. He returned to Baltimore to attend the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he further pursued his passion for medical device development by completing a Master of Engineering at the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design. During that time, he developed products for advanced endoscopy and image-guided spine surgery, and he continues work on the latter for a Baltimore-based startup. He completed an internship in the general surgery department at Johns Hopkins, and he greatly values the interdisciplinary collaboration that exists across the university. For hobbies, he can typically be found in the carpentry workshop or surfing during hurricane season.

    Why did you choose the Johns Hopkins radiology program?

    The Hopkins environment is one where academic and professional opportunities are endless. We are incredibly fortunate to both work with and learn from world leaders across multiple disciplines that welcome collaboration. When this is coupled with the friendly personalities of residents and faculty alike, it creates a wonderfully unique place to work. Additionally, after living in Baltimore for over a decade, I have grown to call this city my home, and I continue to appreciate all that Maryland has to offer.

    David Gullotti headshot

Class of 2026

  • Matt Hoyer

    Hometown: Northbrook, IL
    College: University of Wisconsin–Madison
    Medical School: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

    What do you like to do for fun?

    Hobbies include travel, photography, and sports—particularly golf, football, and basketball.

    Why did you choose the Johns Hopkins radiology program? It has everything! The brightest and friendliest faculty and staff, incredible clinical training, endless research opportunities, and a tight-knit family of coresidents. Many programs have some of these things, but Hopkins was the only one where I interviewed that had them all. Having been a medical student here, I knew firsthand how happy the residents were in this program, and I couldn't be happier to join them.

    How did you decide to pursue radiology?

    Free food! Entering medical school, I thought I would be a surgeon. But when an email for an information session about interventional radiology advertised free food, I knew I had to check it out. I could tell immediately how much the faculty loved what they did, and I found myself drawn in by their passion for solving complex problems through radiology. I started shadowing, got involved in research, and before long, I was submitting my residency application. Sometimes it pays to follow your gut.
    Matt Hoyer
  • "Paul" Won Kyu Choi

    Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
    College: Johns Hopkins University Medical School: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

    What do you like to do for fun?/

    Cooking, Basketball, Biking, Playing League of Legends and immediately regretting, Guitar

    Why did you choose the Johns Hopkins radiology program?

    The people. There was no doubt that Hopkins offers an incredible educational experience from curriculum and research standpoint, but I figured that the process will also be fun and enjoyable with the team we have here. With every interaction I had with the residents and the faculty while I was a medical student here made me feel supported and appreciated.

    What do you love most about Baltimore?

    Food. As a big foodie, having such an eclectic mix of cuisine and having access to Ellicott City has kept me content for many years. I usually have trouble deciding on a weekly basis which craving I will satisfy, because I have too many favorites in and around the town. Not to mention, restaurants here are much more affordable compared to those in other major cities.
  • Tej Mehta

    Hometown:Madison, Wisconsin
    College: University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Medical School: University of South Dakota

    What do you like to do for fun?

    I like to compete in endurance events and triathlons. I am also an avid rock climber. When I'm not pursuing fitness goals, I like to practice woodworking and mixology.

    How did you decide to pursue radiology?

    I was lucky enough to encounter a prior Johns Hopkins IR faculty member in South Dakota who introduced me to interventional radiology. I had no exposure to radiology prior to meeting him, but the moment I stepped in the IR suite I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I grew to enjoy DR thereafter as well. The ability to identify, diagnose and treat disease with minimally invasive methods coupled with technological innovations on the bleeding edge of medicine makes radiology the field for me!

    What do you love the most about Johns Hopkins radiology?

    The program is truly committed to the education of it's residents and the residents are committed to helping each other. The program is designed to train leaders in the field of radiology and everyone here is committed to making that goal a reality.

    What is your quality of life as a radiology resident at Johns Hopkins?

    The quality of life of everyone here is great! We are able to find a great balance between work and home life. Everyone is very supportive of each other and there is always something to do with your fellow residents!
    Tej Mehta
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